Foundation Crack Injection Repair

Epoxy Crack Injections

Basement Wall Epoxy Crack Injection

It is not uncommon for new homes to have cracks in their foundation walls.  Cracks can occur due to age, loading stress from framing above, water pressure or simply the settling of foundation.  These cracks allow for all types of creatures, great and small to enter along with water and moisture that would cause mold contamination.  Small cracks will develop into wider fissures that could compromise the structural integrity of the house in general.  

In the late 50’s and throughout the 90’s, concrete block was the more common material used in basement foundations. Leaking cracks could only be dealt with by incorporating some form of an internal drain tile system or above the slab base-board approach. They continue to be the best methods for concrete block leaking repair. 

Today, however, most parts of the country have an increasing percentage of homes built on poured wall foundations. Many local waterproofing contractors in these areas still recommend basement wall repair using the same expensive methods they learned to use in concrete block repair. In spite of what many waterproofing contractors may say, crack injection does work and it involves a less intrusive approach to your basement’s leak repair and to your wallet. 

Using products manufactured by Emecole Inc., Unified Waterproofing’s low pressure crack injection is a superior method of repairing cracks in concrete foundation walls.  Upon completion, the newly water-tight basement will add usable living space while increasing the home’s value.

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