Interior Waterproofing Systems


Failed Waterproofing or Draintile

 Wet Basement Walls are perhaps the most distressing and sometime over-whelming problems facing Home-Owners.  Problems can occur in Concrete Block or Poured Concrete Wall Basements as well as Crawl Spaces. 

  • Typical Causes
    • Broken or Mis-Directed Downspouts
    • Damaged or Missing Draintile
    • Failed Waterproofing
    • Foundation Movement

 Interior Waterproofing Systems (How it Works!)

If the cost of excavating the permimeter of the home is excessive due to patios, drives, walks or major landscaping it in the way, Interior Waterproofing Systems is the way to go.  This is a cost effective and guaranteed method to increase you living space. 

  •  The concrete floor is cut and removed approximately 12″ from the basement wall.
  •  Unified hand excavates a ditch down to the top of the footer inside the basement wall. 
  •  A new drain tile is installed and backfilled with new gravel.
  • If the wall is concrete block, holes are drilled to allow water to excape into new drain tile
  • Interior wall board is attached to maintain vapor barrier to basement living space
  • Concrete is replaced to match existing
  • Drain tile is channeled to outside via sump pump or gravity

 Completed Basement using Interior Waterproofing System

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